Goggles For Motorbike Cycling Windproof Dustproof Anti-Fog UV400

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  • Product type: protective glasses
  • Lens colors: Colored, black and grey, yellow, Brown, transparent
  • Functions: windproof, protective
  • Translucent lens: With hardened and shock proof design, it features excellent eye protection and is suitable for cloudy or night without effect on slight.
  • Yellow lens: With the effect of brightening slight, it is suitable for night vision activity.
  • Brown: It can absorb hyacinthine, ultraviolet and infrared completely. Wearing it, it will bring you a clear vision and is a good choice for in the daytime.
  • Black and grey lens: It is low profile, decent and can withstand the reflected light of smooth item surface.
  • Colored lens: With multi-layer coating films, it features colorful, changeable, cool style and owns excellent function of ultraviolet-resistance. It is suitable for all weather.

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